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Item #1514

Item 1514 – Harvest 1 1/9 Bushel Wirebound Wood Crate (180 pack)

$915.00 per case

(180 per case, $5.08 each)

Freight Only
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  • Used for beans, corn, asparagus, and potato
  • Hinge lid with wire loop lock
  • Durable wire bound wood, 1/2 inch vent slot, stackable
  • Also, see item 1314, used 1 1/9 bushel wire bound crate for price savings

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This item can safely be stacked.

Product Description

1 1/9 Bushel Wirebound Wood Crate (180 pack)

Our 1 1/9 bushel universal wire-bound crate measures 17 x 11 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches inside dimensions and 1/2 inches inch vent slots. This durable natural wood and wire crate is perfect for beans, corn, potatoes and asparagus. Has a hinge cover with wire loop locks and is stackable.


Manufactured from natural materials. Differences in color are naturally occurring variations not under the control of the manufacturer and are not considered defects.

Product Specs

17" (inside dimension)
11 1/2" (inside dimension)
11 3/4" (inside dimension)
wire/natural wood


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