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Item #174

3-D Coyote


  • Ideal for parks, golf courses, & more!
  • Inexpensive and effective solution
  • Design and moving fur tail gives life like presence!

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Product Description

3-D Coyote

The Coyote 3D structure makes the decoy visible from every angle, making it more effective than a traditional coyote silhouette cardboard cutout. It can also be effective at much longer ranges than sound machines, since bird vision is generally strong and can spot predators at great distances. This menacing predator replica away from open outdoor areas.

Product Specs

37" x 8" x 16" (based on stake placement)
1-4 acres of open area, Coyote is only effective if visible from any given location
EVA plastic body and polypropylene plastic stake
For best results
Use multiples, move periodically, use in combination with other deterrents


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