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Item #100

6 Quart Tray Carrier


  • Easy to clean, rust resistant Zinc Dichromate plating
  • Nests for storage
  • Holds up to 40lbs of berries
  • Welded double rod handle for strength & comfortable grip
  • Flag (Item #109) and Tray (Item #429) not included

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Product Description

6 Quart Tray Carrier These 6 quart tray carriers are stackable, which makes storing them very easy and saves space. This carrier can also hold up to 40 pounds of berries! Fits maximum tray size 11″ wide x 18″ long. One carrier in each hand allows picker to pick two trays of berries (doubling picking volume). Row marking flag #109 fits onto the tray handle to remind the picker to place a flag in the row when done picking. 3″ high rounded legs keeps the tray dry and prevents carrier from crushing plants. Picker identification plate on the side of carrier. Field proven for over 25 years!

  • Fits Tray #429 & #1282

Product Specs

Fits tray up to
11" x 18" long
1/4" Steel rod with rust resistant plating
20" (outside dimensions)
11 3/4" (outside dimensions)
12 1/2" (outside dimensions)


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