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Item #103

8 Quart Platform Tray Carrier


  • Space saver! Stackable! Picker ID plate so prepicked can track who picked berries, Row marking flag loops on handle so customer remembers to mark row location when stopped picking.
  • Lightweight & strong, holds 8- 1 quart containers or tray with up to 40lbs of strawberries
  • Welded double steel metal rod handle, Tray carrier is strong enough to allow customer to lean on carrier when getting up
  • Pickers can carry one tray carrier in each hand and double their picking volume
  • Pints, quarts all sizes of tills fit carrier. Field proven for over 25 years

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Made in the USA!

This item was made in the U.S.A.


This item can safely be stacked.

Product Description

8 Quart Platform Tray Carrier

These 8 quart or 12 pint till tray carriers are stackable, which makes storing them very easy and saves a lots of space. This carrier can also hold up to 40lbs of berries. One carrier in each hand allows picker to pick two trays of berries (doubling picking volume). Row marking flag #109 fits on tray handle to remind picker to place flag in row when done picking. Picker identification plate on the side of carrier. 3″ high rounded legs keeps the tray dry and prevents carrier from crushing plants. Field proven for over 25 years. Fits Trays: 11″ x 22″

  • Fits trays # 422, 429, 1282, 298
  • Fits Till # 410, 464, 412

Product Specs

23 3/8" (outside dimensions)
12' (outside dimensions)
11 1/2" (outside dimensions)
3" tall
rust resistant silver plating, 1/4" diameter steel metal rod.


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