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Item #424

Balloon Scare-Eye, Yellow


  • Keeps birds away with these 3D balloon eye replicas!
  • Simple, cost-effective solution – hang the balloons anywhere!
  • Reflective mylar eyes & tails adds intimidation against birds
  • Available in three colors: White, Black and Yellow

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Product Description

Balloon Scare-Eye, Yellow

Scare-eye balloons keep birds away with these 3D eye replicas that move with the wind and intimidate pesky birds within visible range. The reflective mylar eyes and tails add extra intimidation against birds. Use around homes, gardens, barns, trees, garages, doorways and more. For best result move Scare-Eye Balloon periodically and use all three colors. Available in #425 White, #426 Black and Yellow.

Product Specs

Vinyl plastic


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