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Item #1730

Basket/Bin Display Rack


  • Collapsible fits in standard pickup bed 67 x 23 x14 inches high
  • Ideal to display at farmer markets and farm stores
  • Three tier display allows for lots of display in little space and easily change up display in three different positions
  • Weighs only 36 pounds for easy maneuvering
  • Material, natural 0ak hardwood

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Product Description

Ideal for displaying fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market and farmer’s store. The quick setup display racks allow you to change up your display to three different positions, Front to Fount, Back to Back, or 90 Degree position. Lightweight, only 23 pounds, and easily folds up allows you to take the rack anywhere you wish to display your produce.  The rack is 50 inches tall with two 3 up shelves. Each of the six bin shelves is 18 3/4 wide x 28 1/2 inches deep. The height space between each bin is 15 1/2 inches. The 28 1/2 inch deep shelf allows the possibility of two bins on a shelf.

Product Specs

six bin shelves size
18 3/4 inches wide x 28 1/2 inches deep
height space between each bin
15 1/2 inches
Rack height
50 inches

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