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Item #1316

Berry Harvesting Shipper Tray Wheel Carrier


  • Time saver, holds two trays and has two easy grip handles to carry trays/carrier
  • Adjustable tray platform fit shipper trays up to 27" x 12 1/4" wide tray
  • Strong and lightweight 5lbs, nests for storage
  • Welded steel construction with rust resistant coating
  • 7" x 1/1/2" wide strong polyurethane plastic wheel

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Product Description

Berry Harvesting Shipper Tray Wheel Carrier

Eliminate lifting the produce in and out of your garden or field using the wheelbarrow carrier. Spend less time changing out picking trays in the field.  The wheelbarrow carrier hold three standard picking trays. Tray platform is adjustable up to 27″ long by 12″ wide and 12 1/2″ tall.  The wheelbarrow carrier has two easy grip handles to transfer carrier.  Strong 5/16″ steel welded rod construction with a quality silver zinc dichromate rust resistant plating. Two 6″ diameter x 1/1/2″ wide strong black HDPE plastic wheel. 4″ of ground clearance. The wheelbarrow carriers nest to reduce storage space. Use in the strawberry fields and your garden.

Use the # 1405 extension handle (sold separately) to reduce bending when wheeling carrier to and from the work site.

Product Specs

Overall Length
Rust resistant welded 5/16" steel rod

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