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Item #120

Black Plastic Mulch (4 feet x 600 feet)


  • Easy install and remove by hand or machine
  • Evaporation of soil moisture is reduced, plastic mulch is impervious to water any evaporation of soil moisture occurs only through the planting holes
  • Designed to last the duration of your growing season
  • Flexible & stretchable so it will conform to both flat & raised beds
  • Works well with all crop varieties!

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Product Description

Black Plastic Mulch (4 feet x 600 feet)

Suppresses weeds and reduces water loss in the field. Increases soil temperatures 3 to 5 F at depths of 2 to 6 inches.  Easily installed and field remove by hand or machine.

Product Specs

4 feet
600 feet
1.0 mil
embossed black UV inhibitor HD polyethylene plastic


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