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Item #1399

Dozen Pulp Egg Carton (240 pack)

$100.00 per case

(240 per case, $0.42 each)
  • Fits one dozen eggs
  • Provides maximum protection against egg breakage
  • Offers humidity absorbency and breathing capability
  • Stacks to display on produce stands and grocery stores

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This product is compostable / biodegradable.


You may recycle this item under certain recycling programs.


This item can safely be stacked.

Product Description

One dozen egg cartons for chicken eggs. Since it is made of recycled pulp material, this sustainable container is biodegradable and compostable, making it a great eco-friendly option for your business. The shape of the carton provides a solid frame to protect against breakage and to ensure that the eggs remain undamaged during travel. It is a strong and practical option for marketing and transporting your eggs.

Product Specs

11 1/2 inches
4 1/4 inches
2 3/4 inches
Compartment Diameter
1 3/4 inches
off white biodegradable and compostable sustainable recycled pulp paper

Shipping & Return Policies

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Till Box Conversion

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Till Box Conversion

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