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Item #1656

Mesh Bag Wicketed Red 12 x 15 inches 1,000 Pack

$118.00 per case

(1000 per case, $0.12 each)
  • Open mesh design provides breathability and visibility to the contents
  • Ideal for packing grapes, cherries, limes, plums, tomatoes and other small-to-medium sized produce.
  • Designed for easier and faster handling.
  • Material, Made from soft, flexible diamond mesh plastic
  • Use bag stand # 1659

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Mesh Bag Wicketed Red 12 x 15 inches 1,000 Pack


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Product Description

Mesh Bag Wicketed Red 12 x 15 inches 1,000 Pack. Stacked and held together on a metal wicket that acts as a dispenser. There is a lip where two holes are punched, enabling the wicket to hold the bags. that can gently conform around delicate produce and is strong enough to contain and protect different loads. Fine netting strand count helps reduce produce debris and keeps retail displays cleaner.

Product Specs

soft, flexible diamond mesh

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