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Item #427

Root Moisture, Agri-Gel (price per pound)


  • Protects plants against water stress caused by under or over-watering
  • Safe and non-phytotoxic, Non-toxic (FHSA Std);7-7.5 pH, dustless
  • Blends easily with soil and other medium with out lumping
  • Soil containing gel can be steam sterilized
  • Plant shelf life will be extended with use of gel

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Product Description

Root Moisture, Agri-Gel (price per pound)

Agri-Gel acts as a soil “moisture bank” that locks in and saves water, then slowly releases it as the soil dries out. This allows growing plants to utilize soil moisture more efficiently.

Transplanting Root Stock: to protect the root form drying, just dip your plant roots into a mixture of gel and water. The gel will cling to the roots and equip your plants with better survivability.

Plug Planting:  Root moisture gel can be used effectively as an ingredient of the plug mix. Not only does it provide continuous moisture but allows for easy filling of plugs. The rates will vary according to the type of plugs, the amount of peat, and other ingredients used.

This Gel is granular, organic, superabundant horticultural hydro gel designed to increase the water holding capacity, drainage and aeration of soils, sand, soil-less and synthetic growing. The Gel will act as “local water reservoirs”; over time the water from these reservoirs will be gradually released to the soil and plants as needed. The use of this gel can prevent root damage caused by lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide build up. Using root moisture gel improves the aeration and drainage of the growing media and helps produce healthier roots.

1/4 Pound: $4.00      1/2 Pound: $6.00     1-14 Pounds: $9.25         15 Pound Case: $135.00

Product Specs

Gallon of Gel
1/2 to 1 ounce of granular


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