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Item #1454

Square Pint Paperboard Hinge Cover Vented Till (600 pack)

$180.00 per case

(600 per case, $0.30 each)
  • Material .018 CUK WS
  • Paperboard, 100% recyclable, easily biodegrades
  • Reversible, can fold either brown or white side out
  • Hand assembled
  • Holds up well during temperature transitions from field to refrigerator
  • Hinged lid with anchor lock

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This product is compostable / biodegradable.


You may recycle this item under certain recycling programs.


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Product Description

Pint Paperboard Hinge Cover Vented Till (600 pack)

A recyclable produce box made from natural paperboard. Its Earth-themed cut out vents allow good visibility from all sides vented, maximum vent opening is 3/8 inch, to allow air in and around the produce, keeping condensation at bay during temperature transitions and preserving the freshness of your product. A strong anchor lock closure ensures a secure seal or you can tuck the lid into the box itself for fast packaging. Locking options of quickly tucking lid into front, pushing anchor lock into slot, or using tamper-proof glue dots. These containers are perfect for retail display and sale since you can also easily add your label or stamp. Rigid enough to stack multiple containers. Excellent packaging for cherries, berries, cherry tomatoes. Made of CUK paperboard with high wet strength, clay coated white side and Kraft Pak brown side. Free from PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances). Takes up less space when shipped and stored since containers ship flat.

Product Specs

4 3/8"
4 1/8"
2 1/4"

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