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Item #673

Wheel Hoe Cultivator


  • 9" wide blade
  • Ideal for all row crops
  • Hardened and tempered spring steel blade
  • Includes deeper digger attachment
  • Use 10" wide #674 Furrower attachment

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Product Description

Wheel Hoe Cultivator

The wheel hoe has been around for many generations because it has always been the easiest method of hand powered cultivation. This wheel hoe has patent protection on five unique features that make it easier to use, lighter in weight, more durable and more versatile than the wheel hoe grandma and grandpa used. Nine inches wide adjustable, non-clogging, self-cleaning blade. Unique design sheds weed debris and soil trash. With this wheel cultivator hoe, you can weed beneath the surface of small and dense flower and vegetable beds, without disturbing underlying soil. The single wheel makes it easy to turn. It weeds just below the soil surface, and does not bring up weed seeds deeper down.

The Deep Digger attachment penetrates deeply to loosen the soil. This improves aeration and surface water absorption. Run the deep digger just below the root line of the crop rows to promote vigorous plant growth by bringing air and moisture to the roots.

Used for: Strawberries, Asparagus, Fruits, Vegetables, Raspberry, Red Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberries, Grapes, Bush Berries, Elderberries, Seaberry, Currant, Gooseberries, etc.

Use 10 inch wide #674 Furrower attachment: Dimensions: 10 inches wide. Adjustable, deep digs or shallow, hilling potatoes, digging trenches, row cultivator. This attachment forms a furrow with one pass. It digs deep to plant potatoes or digs shallow for small seeds. It is also a great labor-saving device for hilling potatoes or digging trenches for irrigation or drainage.


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